Should Breakfast be High Protein or High Carbs, or Both?

A properly balanced diet is very important when it comes to starting the day.

Maintaining a healthy diet is critical for men who want to stay on top of their game. One roadblock to success can be fad diets.

The Atkins diet said that carbs were bad and some who took this to heart began buying products like pork rinds (fried pig skin) because they had no carbohydrates.

The key is to strike a proper balance. While carbs may show up on one’s gut in the form of visceral fat when ingested in excess, the brain needs glucose to function at its optimum level. Along with this, the body also needs protein to repair muscle to build and grow.

The question is: what is a good balance?

A Proper Diet for the Morning

Eating breakfast should be done with care. For many, sleeping is the closest their bodies will be to fasting. So, when breakfast is served, it is being offered to a relatively empty body in need of nutrition.

Cereal may be popular because of all the delicious varieties and its convenience, but it is also great because it is served with milk. The grains and oats that carry carbohydrates are served with protein-rich milk. Bacon and eggs go well on a biscuit for this reason as well.

What to Drink in the Morning

When choosing a drink with breakfast, consider the protein/carb content of what is already in place. Coffee may go well with a donut, but only on one’s palate. Once that combination of sugar, fat, and caffeine strike one’s bloodstream, the fuel it offers will be used up quickly as it sends the body into a high that may crash within an hour or two.

For those getting a breakfast sandwich, the juice is not a bad choice, but milk or chocolate milk can be better. Protein may burn up faster than carbohydrates, but protein-rich foods have been found to stave off hunger longer. Plus, they both taste great.

Protein Powders and Supplements

For those who enjoy protein shakes and other supplements, they are not bad but are really mostly necessary for those who are working out regularly.

A daily multivitamin is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle and protein shakes will not boost one’s ability to do push-ups nearly as much as doing push-ups. Supplements like Vitamin A are great for the eyes and in relieving acne, but it can be found in good foods like carrots, which is a great snack to take to work.

The alternative is not to need one’s vitamin A as a result of having taken a supplement, and then one’s stomach is still empty. With an empty stomach and nutrition already in place, the best foods may be replaced by good, or not-so-good foods, especially in the morning.

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