10 Points to Consider Before Taking Your Daily Multi-Vitamins

Today, everything around us is running in a race and matching with the pace of this busy world; one should maintain one’s health and mind. There are a lot of ways to keep yourself fresh and fit, but there is something we often lack as we age in our life.

One of the essential nutrients needed by the human body is ‘Vitamins.’ They perform many roles in the body and make the human body an efficient one. Shoring up bones, healing wounds, and enhancing the immune system are some of the conventional roles performed by the vitamins.

Since this is a modern age apart from vegetables and fruits, vitamins these days are also available in the form of supplements commonly known as multi-vitamins. But there has always been a debate about whether these multi-vitamins are beneficial or a curse to the human body.

Supplementing nutrients in your bodySo, here are 10 points you must consider before you take your daily dose of multivitamins to assure that the multi-vitamin is beneficial for your body and not a curse.

Failure of various body functions

Doesn’t matter if supplemented or natural the undisputed fact is that the human body fails to function appropriately without vitamins. They play a vital role in the complicated chemical processes which occur in the body each second, which further keeps us healthy.

Vitamins have a crucial role to play in the effective functioning of your immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and digestive system. They also aid with lively energy production, sleep patterns, cholesterol control, vigorous growth, healthy brain, great eyesight, and the production of red blood cells.

Biggest source of vitamins: Food

The most common source of your vitamin intake is the food we eat, although Vitamin D is an exception whose major source is sunlight. A balanced diet containing an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables with grains is an ideal source of vitamin intake.

Adequate consumption of fruits

From a survey of CSIRO in 2016, it was revealed that eating food habits of most of the people, especially Australians is not a good one. The results of this were undoubtedly surprisingly shocking news to even health professionals.

The inadequacy of fruit intake impacts the vitamin intake a lot. An apple can easily offer you with at least 10% – 25% of your daily dose of vitamin C depending on the variety. Therefore, it is a crucial factor to check your dietary habits.

Inadequate consumption of vegetables

The studies show that most of the population lacks the ideal consumption of vegetables. The statistics of the vegetable intake is worse than that of the fruit intake. Therefore, vegetable consumption, according to the ideal standards to make sure efficient roles of vitamins.

More junk eating

According to statistics if you are not consuming fruits or vegetables, then what are you eating? The simple answer to this question is the junk eating such as pastries, ice cream, fries, snacks, and whatnot.

Also, the consumption of alcohol is topping the list of junk food. All these foods are really high in saturated sugar, fat as well as salt, which means a huge lacking of vitamins.

On the go lifestyle

In today’s crowd rush everybody is living their life on the run. The population these days are relying more and more on the pre-packaged meals, replacement bars, and the recent trend breakfast in drinks rather than a full home meal with minerals and vitamins.

Active lifestyle in actionBut the necessary thing before eating these foods one should understand this is unhealthy and lacks essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

To cater to this on the go lifestyle, various brands have developed the custom vitamin packs to provide you with multivitamins for your overall body functions. Find out more about the custom vitamin packs and the brands offering these at MBSF.org and their benefits.

Removing different food groups

Most of the people who flowed with the vegan trend are the ones who altogether avoid certain food groups. These food groups generally include dairy, gluten & meat products.

With the new trend of vegan food, it is more challenging for a consumer to get an adequate amount of essential vitamins required for a human body. The dairy-free food groups are the ones which lack vitamin D, calcium, and many more nutrients.

Multivitamins Confusion

Despite the bad food habits and inadequate consumption of vitamins, there is still a dilemma in some minds that whether the multi-vitamins are even worth the money or not. On the contrary, some known researchers argue that there is no such specific need for multivitamins as a balanced diet is a sufficient source of vitamin needed.

But as the majority of the population prefer junkies over the nutritional food; therefore, to meet the essential dietary requirements, the intake of multivitamins are indeed critical for the smooth and proper functioning of the body.

Peeing the multivitamins out?

The common question one can ask after taking the multi-vitamins is that aren’t you only peeing them out? If you go by the scientific truth, the yellow color of urine observed after the intake of the multi-vitamin is mostly caused by Vitamin B2. This vitamin helps in the functioning and development of skin, blood cell production, and the digestive tract lining.

All about you

Your health determines the proper and adequate intake of vitamins, and it is ultimately about you, your individual health, dietary habits, and lifestyle. If you still want to know the analysis of the intake, though costly, the blood and urine analysis will help you with the required information.

The truth cannot be changed that there is no competition for the natural vitamins which you get by eating a balanced diet enriched with vitamins. But since, as the article showed how most of the population is being ignorant about the adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables, there is no option left but to consider multi-vitamins as the option to fulfill the need of vitamins in the body for proper and smooth functioning.

There are many reasons in which taking supplements isn’t a bad choice such as pregnant women, adults after age 50, people who don’t eat well or believe in fewer calories and many more should definitely opt for multi-vitamins. Therefore, whether you should take multivitamins or not, it totally depends upon you and your lifestyle.

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