Exposing the Dangers of Cosmetic Fillers Bought Online

dangers-of-online-bought-cosmetic-fillersPlastic surgeons routinely use dermal, or cosmetic fillers, to smooth the effects of wrinkles and aging on the skin of the face and neck. Usually, these cosmetic fillers are injected into a specific area of the face with a syringe. Whereas in the United States dermal fillers are classified as medication and require a prescription, in the UK, they are classified only as a medical device, which means that they are quite easy for anyone to obtain. Many of these products are being sold over the internet, where it is difficult to trace exactly where the products are coming from and who is selling them.

Unregulated Substances

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) recently issued a warning against the use of these cosmetic fillers purchased online. BAAPS warns that DIY cosmetic fillers are dangerous because of the unknown and unregulated substances they contain. There is a danger that the substances are not what they claim to be or that they are improperly diluted, which can also result in life threatening complications for the user.

Risk of Facial Paralysis

In addition, the degree of skill and the knowledge of human anatomy that are required to properly inject the fillers make them unsuitable for home use. Plastic surgeons spend years learning about facial anatomy and learning how to properly inject cosmetic fillers. The human face is very complex, and the correct place to inject a dermal filler may be only millimeters away from a place that could cause permanent damage. In the US, one death has even been reported from the use of these cosmetic filler kits.

Professional Clinics are Much Safer

People are putting themselves at great risk by purchasing online cosmetic fillers and undergoing what is essentially home cosmetic surgery – but without the presence of a surgeon. The dangers of permanent disfigurement and paralysis of the facial muscles or even death are much greater than the risks associated with having these procedures done professionally.


The conclusion is that it is much safer to work with an experienced UK plastic surgery clinic, such as Transform, the UK’s largest plastic surgery clinic for more than 30 years. Professionals advise against performing such dangerous experiments at home. In addition, going to a clinic also dramatically reduces the risk of complications resulting from this type of procedure. In the interest of public safety, BAAPS is also calling for more extensive regulation of these cosmetic surgery related products in the UK.

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