The Omega-3 revolution

Omega 3An insurance against neuronal death

Omega-3s are essential to prevent and fight against cerebral and cardiac attacks. CNRS researchers have just discovered the mechanisms of polyunsaturated fatty acids that allow the body to fight against certain neurological diseases.

Put Omega-3 on your plate and reap the benefits.

Gluco-Condrine 500

GlucosamineWith Glucosamine + Chondroitin, osteoarthritis is no longer a fatality

Did you know that since February 1999, glucosamine is officially recognized and used in the United States as a natural alternative to osteoarthritis. Associated with chondroitin, it has an action both of regeneration of damaged cartilage and reconstruction of new cartilages. The cure is 2 months minimum.

Say goodbye to your white hair

White HairFind the natural color of your hair in 20 days

Spectacular results in just twenty days!

POSITIVEHAIR , the lotion that restores natural pigmentation to your hair and makes you forget your white hair. POSITIVEHAIR is effective regardless of the color of your hair. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the economic offer!

You can not take migraines anymore?

migrainesHere is the Partenelle to forget your migraines!

Widely distributed in the Balkans, the PARTNER will make you forget your migraines and your headaches. Indeed the flowering tops of the partner contain parthenolide, to which the plant owes its ANTIMIGRAINE activity. Do not take your head anymore! Follow a cure of 3 months quickly.

Should Breakfast be High Protein or High Carbs, or Both?

May 17, 2019

A properly balanced diet is very important when it comes to starting the day.

Maintaining a healthy diet is critical for men who want to stay on top of their game. One roadblock to success can be fad diets.

The Atkins diet said that carbs were bad and some who took this to heart began buying products like pork rinds (fried pig skin) because they had no carbohydrates.

The key is to strike a proper balance. While carbs may show up on one’s gut in the form of visceral fat when ingested in excess, the brain needs glucose to function at its optimum level. Along with this, the body also needs protein to repair muscle to build and grow.

The question is: what is a good balance?

A Proper Diet for the Morning

Eating breakfast should be done with care. For many, sleeping is the closest their bodies will be to fasting. So, when breakfast is served, it is being offered to a relatively empty body in need of nutrition.

Cereal may be popular because of all the delicious varieties and its convenience, but it is also great because it is served with milk. The grains and oats that carry carbohydrates are served with protein-rich milk. Bacon and eggs go well on a biscuit for this reason as well.

What to Drink in the Morning

When choosing a drink with breakfast, consider the protein/carb content of what is already in place. Coffee may go well with a donut, but only on one’s palate. Once that combination of sugar, fat, and caffeine strike one’s bloodstream, the fuel it offers will be used up quickly as it sends the body into a high that may crash within an hour or two.

For those getting a breakfast sandwich, the juice is not a bad choice, but milk or chocolate milk can be better. Protein may burn up faster than carbohydrates, but protein-rich foods have been found to stave off hunger longer. Plus, they both taste great.

Protein Powders and Supplements

For those who enjoy protein shakes and other supplements, they are not bad but are really mostly necessary for those who are working out regularly.

A daily multivitamin is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle and protein shakes will not boost one’s ability to do push-ups nearly as much as doing push-ups. Supplements like Vitamin A are great for the eyes and in relieving acne, but it can be found in good foods like carrots, which is a great snack to take to work.

The alternative is not to need one’s vitamin A as a result of having taken a supplement, and then one’s stomach is still empty. With an empty stomach and nutrition already in place, the best foods may be replaced by good, or not-so-good foods, especially in the morning.

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Metabolism Boosters

May 10, 2019
Exercise, Nutrition

Think the secret to losing weight is skipping meals? Guess again, it actually slows your metabolism. Boosting your metabolism will lead to a healthier you.

Not putting food in your mouth is not the way to lose weight. Starvation actually slows your metabolism. By slowing your metabolism, your body goes into a mode that will actually cause you to burn calories more slowly.

Food Tips

Don’t skip meals. Eating three healthy meals along with two small snacks a day will keep your metabolism high. It is also important to remember to eat breakfast. Choose snacks such as fruits, veggies, and 100-calorie snack packs. You can never go wrong with fruits and veggies.

Some caffeine won’t hurt. Caffeine stimulates the body’s nervous system, along with keeping your brain on top of its game. Caffeine in moderation can actually boost your workout and burn a hundred or so calories a day. Make sure not to go overboard with caffeine intake.

Go for whole grains and wheat. These products will fill you up more than white carbs and they are also higher in nutrients. If you feel full, you will be less likely to eat more, meaning you will have fewer calories to burn.

Protein bars make a great snack and will help fuel muscle mass. Fueling muscle mass will overtime burn more calories.

It is wise to skip the martinis or any alcoholic beverage. Alcohol has no nutritional value. If you can’t lose the booze, try to cut down to one to two alcoholic beverages a day.

Choose your dairy wisely. While dairy products aren’t going to definitely make you lose weight, whole milk can help you lose weight.

Get in your eight glasses of water a day.

Exercise Tips

When starting exercise, it is helpful to get into a routine. While it may take a while to get into routine, healthy eating along with exercise will give you the best results. If you are going to get up early and exercise, set your alarm. Try to get out of bed without hitting the snooze button. Even if you can’t bring yourself to exercise, at least you will be getting yourself in the habit of getting up early.

Find something you really enjoy. If you enjoy the workout routine you pick you are much more likely to stick with it. Try out new exercises until you find a routine you are happy with.

Look for exercises that target your goals. For example, if you want to increase flexibility try yoga. If you want a flat stomach, incorporate crunches, sit-ups, and other mid-section exercises.

Get a pedometer. You may be surprised at how much walking you do on a daily basis.

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Morning Exercise May Aid Weight Loss, Overall Health

May 3, 2019
Exercise, Nutrition

Studies suggest that people who exercise in the morning may have better odds of achieving weight loss goals and boosting other aspects of overall health.

A morning workout can get anyone fired up and ready to face a new day. But exercise early in the day may also boost both weight loss efforts and a person’s overall health.

Skipping breakfast before a morning workout may help people lose weight, according to a recent study of cyclists by European researchers, including those at the England’s University of Birmingham.

Typically, the body of an exerciser uses stores of carbohydrates to provide the fuel necessary for a good workout. But fitness buffs who work out before they have eaten have lower carbohydrate reserves, forcing the body to burn fat to generate energy, according to scientists.

Proponents of early morning exercise say this burning of fat reserves helps exercisers achieve a slimmer waistline.

Study Supports Weight Loss Theory

The cyclist research seems to bear out this theory about the value of exercising before eating. In the study, a group of cyclists who fasted before cycling burned a higher proportion of fat to carbohydrates when compared to a group of cyclists who ate something prior to riding.

Other studies have arrived at similar conclusions. However, not everyone is sold on the theory that fasting is a good idea prior to exercise. Critics say fasting hampers performance levels during a workout.

Other skeptics say fasting exercisers may compensate for skipping their pre-workout meal by eating more than normal after they finish exercising, thus negating any weight loss benefit associated with fasting prior to the activity.

Other Benefits of Morning Exercise

Experts previously have suggested that a morning workout can be helpful in other ways:

  • Several years ago, researchers at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver reported results of a study suggesting that morning exercise can lower triglyceride levels throughout the day. High levels of triglycerides raise the risk of heart disease.
  • Research by scientists at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that older women have fewer complaints regarding poorly sleeping if they rode a bike or did moderate walking for at least 45 minutes, five days per week.
  • Australia’s Black Dog Institute (affiliated with the University of New South Wales) advocates morning exercise as a great pick-me-up “for those with a melancholic depression and experiencing a distinct lack of energy.”

So, while the evidence is far from conclusive, there may be a good reason to think that morning exercise can provide the extra edge needed to achieve weight loss and general health goals.

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March 23, 2019

A vitamin is a chemical substance that is sometimes very complex, essential for the proper functioning of our organism, which must be provided in a very small quantity to our body in a continuous way because it is necessary for hundreds of organic reactions that help us to develop and live in great shape.

In humans, vitamins must be provided by the diet, because our body does not make its own vitamins, unlike animals and plants. On the other hand, vitamins can at certain doses play a real role in medicine to treat certain conditions. 

Contained in very small quantities in all foods, vitamins have no energy value, our daily needs are of the order of a few milligrams.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B8
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K

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How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes – Quick & Natural Remedy!

December 1, 2018

Dermatologists assure that puffy eyes take place when there is an excess fluid which is kept around the eyes, in the soft area. When fluid retention occurs, we speak of edema. As a rule, you can get rid of puffy eyes in home conditions.

Causes of puffy eyes can be numerous:

    • Tiredness or lack of sleep
    • Allergies
    • Excess of salt in the diet
    • Bacterial infection
    • Extended use of affordable contacts
    • Alcohol
    • Various eye diseases: sinusitis, conjunctivitis, blepharitis
    • Stress or crying
    • Makeup

Puffy eyes make you look tired and exhausted, even if you are not. So many times, we wake up after a deep sleep and feel quite fresh, though our puffy eyes prove the opposite. It’s quite possible to get rid of puffiness under eyes following some advice:

    • Use the tea bag. Tea is not only useful for health as an energy drink but also is a stunning remedy for puffy eyes! Of course, drinking tea will not save you from swollen eyes. Just lay the used tea bags over your eyelids. The tea bags must be fresh — follow the same algorithm as if you are making tea to drink, but don’t add sugar to your tea and let the bags cool a bit. When they are warm (a bit warmer than room temperature), lie down, place the tea bags over your eyelids and relax. Ten minutes will be quite enough, and your eyes will look beautiful again! Both green tea and black tea do for this procedure.

Cucumber gets rid of puffy eyes

      • The cucumber strategy. Cucumbers are used to struggle against baggy eyes, wrinkles, sore and swollen eyes. Take a cucumber into the fridge for two hours to increase its cooling properties. Cut two cucumber slices and place them over your eyelids for ten minutes. Relax and think of something good. Your eyes will become fresh very fast to put on contacts for daily wear without worries!
      • Potato method. Besides being a part of almost every day diet, potatoes are used in headaches treatments and are known for anti-inflammatory properties. Your eyes will heal in no time! Just peel and wash a potato tuber. Cut two slices and put them over your puffy eyes. Let them rest here for a quarter of an hour. This will help you to get rid of swollen eyes quickly!
      • Whip up some egg whites. If you have ever made a facial mask in home conditions, you might have used some egg whites. Egg whites possess skin tightening properties which are known to prevent skin from aging. Egg whites do wonders for puffy eyes as well. All you need is to whisk some egg whites until smooth, then add a bit of witch hazel. After it, put the mass under your eyes with a brush. This is a perfect method to get rid of under-eye puffiness.
      • Cooling with a metal remedy. Teaspoons will do for best. Place two teaspoons in your fridge to make the metal cooler. When you feel your eyes are sore and ache, take out two teaspoons from your fridge and put them over your eyes. The soothing effect of cold metal will bring relief to your eyes.
      • Salt remedy. Salt is of double nature for puffiness under eyes. Eating salty food will only worsen your condition if you have puffy eyes problem. So, you have to apply salt on your skin. Mix half of teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water until salt dissolves. Soak a pair of cotton balls in the mixture and then place them over your eyelids. Wait 15 minutes and remove the cotton balls. Your eyes look great again!
      • More water — internally and externally! If your body is dehydrated, you have to encounter the problem of water retention in your body, and this adds to your eye puffiness.

Wash your face with cold water – first and foremost, in the morning and during the whole day!

Another remedy is to soak cotton balls in ice water and put them over eyes for several minutes.

If your eye puffiness goes along with some complications as sharp pain or lousy vision, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. Otherwise, the above remedies will help you to get rid of puffy eyes.

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Gadget Screens Could be Challenging for Older Eyes

October 30, 2018

The changes in vision that occur as people age often requires them to wear bifocals, trifocals or reading glasses. Depending on a person’s vision around 50 years old, wearing eyeglasses and spending long periods of time reading smartphone or computer screens can be troublesome.

Senior patient consulting an optometristProblems with Reading Gadget Screens with Bifocals, Trifocals, and Progressive Lens Glasses

If a person already has traditional bifocals with a line that distinguishes the near-sighted prescription from the reading prescription or wears eyeglasses that have a progressive lens that blends the prescription, so there is not a visible line, it can be very difficult to spend hours reading a computer screen.

With the current eyeglass fashion trend, there is limited space to accommodate the bifocal. Reading a computer screen for long periods of time can be a real challenge, especially if the eyeglasses have the progressive lens that eliminates the bifocal or trifocal line.

Another problem is the typical nearsighted prescription for eyeglasses is for distances that are much farther away than the computer screen. The distance for reading a computer screen is a middle-distance area (about 20”-26”) and is in between the long distance vision and the close-up vision for reading a book or magazine.

Tips for Reducing Eye Fatigue when Reading on Gadgets

One solution to this nagging problem is getting a single vision lens that is specifically prescribed for the middle distance for reading the computer screen.

Another solution, depending on whether the person at the computer is also referring to text on a printed page, is bifocal that has the middle vision prescription on the top and the near vision prescription for reading a book or magazine on the bottom. These eyeglasses would not be good for things like driving a car or watching TV but are useful for going back and forth from the screen to a printed page.

A third possibility is getting a multi-focal lens that has three distinct distances with a line separation for each. If choosing this type of lens, the eye doctor should be made aware that the eyeglasses will be used primarily for looking at a computer screen to have the middle-distance area made large enough for this purpose.

To help reduce eye fatigue, consider an anti-reflective coating on the lens to cut down on the glare from the computer screen, and other light reflections that would interfere with viewing the screen.

Computers, Bifocals & Baby Boomers

Bifocals are something most people need around 50 years old as their vision begins to change. Baby boomers who have been accustomed to working long hours at a computer may find this change in vision to be particularly difficult with resulting eye fatigue. A pair of glasses specifically for reading a computer screen may be the best option.

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Are Comfort Foods Good for You?

October 21, 2018

The mere fact is that they are exactly what we call them — a food to comfort us. Anything that is used in excess is very rarely good for us and that includes exercise too, moderation is what’s called for and a look at the reason behind the need for excess of anything.

A lot of people comfort eat without even realizing they are doing it.

A girl stress eating with doughnutsThe people in the office sitting at their desks doing the same old thing over and over again, they quite easily turn to that bar of chocolate, bag of crisps or packet of biscuits.

At first, it seems a method of alleviating the boredom, then it becomes a habit, and really it is just something to do to give us comfort from our daily lives.

It’s not just jobs that lead us to comfort eating though, sometimes it is sadness, insecurity, lack of understanding, sheer loneliness, or bereavement. Losing someone dear to us whether through bereavement or the end of a relationship, even our children leaving home, can very often leave a void in our lives that somehow needs to be filled with something.

The comfort of a sweet biscuit with a cup of tea has always been a favorite to relieve the shock of bad news and can also be used as a comfort aid afterward.

In this case then, comfort eating is, in my books good, for you. It relieves a deep need within the body at a time of great stress, and although tablets can do the same I would then have to ask the question of whether they were good for you or not, as I feel they are far harder to stop.

Comfort eating for loneliness can be good for a while as it takes away that loneliness feeling for a little while, but of course that’s the real problem isn’t it for it is only a little while and then the need seems to come back, this is not good and obviously if continued can lead to other problems.

Continual comfort eating, without assessing the real problem behind it, is not going to do anyone any good as it can lead to obesity and other medical problems, but just for a while it can help tremendously, just as long as you don’t get addicted to it.

We all comfort eat sometimes, because we need to feel that release from everyday things, how many of us can deny that chocolate bar halfway through a boring afternoon or that bag of crisps curled up on the sofa with a sad film after a romance end.

Comfort eating can be good for us but only if not taken to extremes.

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Food for the Brain

October 9, 2018

The body and mind are closely related, and it is not enough to pay attention to a diet that ensures good physical health; it is equally important to include food items which have specific benefits for the brain. These are sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which prevent degeneration of the brain and loss of memory. Antioxidants are potent chemicals derived from plants that neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals that damage cells.

Natural food sources for Vitamin BVitamins for the brain

Vitamins of the B group, especially niacin and folic acid are essential to keep the brain healthy. Vitamin B rich foods are yeast, nuts, seeds, legumes, wheat germ, dairy products, lean meat, sea food, eggs, whole grains, and leafy greens. Thiamine is important for healthy nerves, and is found in wheat germ, bran, nuts and fortified cereals. Riboflavin, found in milk, almonds and fortified cereals, boosts the memory. Carotene is linked to clear thinking. It is found in deep green vegetables, and dark orange fruits and vegetables. Vitamins E and C are powerful antioxidants which prevent degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s. The juices of vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, beet and ginger are rich sources of vitamins that boost the brain.

Minerals for the brain

Apart from vitamins B1 and B12, memory depends on a sufficient intake of lecithin (found in eggs and Soya) and magnesium. Sources of magnesium are wheat germ, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, and almonds and walnuts. Walnuts and almonds are rich in phosphorus too. Phosphorus is also present in figs, dates, grapes, apples and oranges, and strengthens the brain. Iron, essential for a healthy brain, is found in green vegetables, Soya beans, shellfish and red meat.

Fruits and nuts are rich in the trace mineral boron, which affects the electrical activity of the brain and prevents degeneration of the nerve cells. Boron rich fruits include apple, pear, peaches and grapes. Two apples contain a milligram of boron. Seedpods and green leafy vegetables like broccoli also contain boron. 100 gm of peanuts contain 2 mg of boron.

Herbs for the brain

Herbs, especially in the form of teas, are effective in strengthening the functions of the brain.

  • Lemon balm elevates the mood and sharpens the mind and comprehension.
  • Shakespeare referred to rosemary “for remembrance”, and students in ancient Greece used sprigs of rosemary to increase memory. The Greeks and Romans inhaled its odor to energize the brain and enhance memory.
  • Sage is believed to sharpen concentration by acting on the cortex of the brain.

Other Food Items for a healthy brain

Some foods are especially recommended for active functioning of the brain.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids found in oily fish and flaxseeds are food for the brain.
  • Sprouts like alfalfa contain antioxidants, phytohormones, biohormones and enzymes which keep the brain active and healthy.
  • Some spices like cumin seeds and pepper boost memory power and act as a nerve tonic. Curcumin in turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Berries like blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry and blackberry are rich sources of antioxidants.
  • Apart from berries, black beans, spinach, broccoli, onions and dark chocolate keep the brain cells healthy.

The right diet minimizes oxidation and inflammation of the brain, and improves the ability of the brain cells to communicate with each other. Fruits and vegetables like plum, avocado, oranges, red grape, cherry, red apples and vegetables like brussel sprouts, broccoli, beet, red bell pepper, onions, carrots and asparagus prevent aging of the brain. Herbs, spices and berries also contribute to a healthy and active brain.Studies have shown that those on a Mediterranean diet which is rich in these items suffer less from dementia and silent strokes. Therefore, it is essential to include “brain foods” while planning the diet.

Tip: Walnuts are more effective if taken with raisins and figs.


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For a new virility

tribulusHere is the surefire way to increase your sexual performance

This is because TRIBULUS naturally stimulates the production of Testosterone that dramatically improves libido and male vigor. Indeed, a recent study has shown that taking Tribulus for 5 days naturally leads to a testosterone increase of more than 30%. And if you followed a couple treatment.

To put an end to insomnia

insomniaTo find a thousand and one nights of serenity

Here is the most beautiful tranquilizer that nature offers us, the VALERIAN , because it does not weaken the mind and does not like, alas, a lot of chemical tranquilizers. And, moreover, it does not create any addiction or drowsiness during the day. Find your child’s sleep with Valerian soon.

The Hoodia gordonii cactus

hoodiaA revolution in the field of slimming

Hoodia gordinii is a new, exciting and powerful dietary supplement that will reduce your appetite better than any other product … It is used by native tribes of South Africa as appetite suppressants and natural thirst quenchers during their long journeys & hunt. The extract of this cactus reduces by 40 to 50% the absorption of calories, causing a considerable loss of weight.